All credit has to go to my mother for not only the inspiration to get into photography, but for passing on her previous Canon Rebel to me; believe it or not, I'm still shooting with this bad boy! Ever since I can remember, she always had a camera close by to document all of our travels and adventures. I was definitely that son who said the something like "mom, ughhh, not another picture!" at least a thousand times while growing up. Now looking back, I am so grateful for her having taken all of these photographic memories. Today, we enjoy going on our yearly photography trips to amazing places around the beautiful Western United States, and sharing our common love for nature. 

Life Outside of photography

     I grew up in Loveland Colorado, and am currently completing a Masters of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering at Colorado State University. My love of nature ultimately led me in pursuing an engineering degree so that I may work with renewable energy technologies. In addition to my work in the research lab, I enjoy spending time with my loving wife Abby, and our fur child Kona. In order to get our nature fix on a weekly basis, we have become weekend warriors. Our favorite places we frequent would have to be Rocky Mountain National Park, Indian Peaks Wilderness, Never Summer Wilderness, and Snowy Mountain Range. I can't wait for the many adventures that lay ahead!

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