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End User Agreement

     By purchasing this video, you agree not to copy, share, distribute, or alter it in any way. Only the paying customer may download and/or receive delivery of this product. Failure to abide by these terms may lead to legal action and WILL result in you being barred from any further purchasing of my content in addition to having your name listed among known fraudulent customers.

     To put it into simpler words, just be an honest and decent person. You are purchasing this product with your own hard earned money to further your photography skills, so don’t let others ride along for free. I have spent many hours making these videos to help you out, so please return the favor by making sure you and only you use this video. If anyone else wants a piece of your new found knowledge, allow them to purchase this tutorial on their own just like you did. In the end, please try and show respect to me and my work.


Thank you!

By clicking "I Agree" you consent to the End User Agreement stated above.

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