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The Vault Subscription Terms & Conditions

End User Agreement

By purchasing a Vault subscription plan, you agree not to copy, share, distribute, or alter any content in any way. Only the paying customer may download and/or have accessibility to the content within The Vault. Failure to abide by these terms may lead to legal action and WILL result in you being barred from any further purchasing of my content in addition to having your name listed among known fraudulent customers.

To put it into simpler words, just be an honest and decent person. You are purchasing this product with your own hard earned money to further your photography skills, so don’t let others ride along for free. I have spent many hours making these videos to help you out, so please return the favor by making sure you and only you use this video. If anyone else wants a piece of your new found knowledge, allow them to purchase this tutorial on their own just like you did. In the end, please try and show respect to me and my work.


Payment/Automatic Renewal
You agree to be charged at the time of subscription based on the type of plan you have selected. Your subscription will be renewed automatically and billed to your credit card/Paypal account at the beginning of each subscription period until you cancel the service. You may cancel at any time by following the procedure described in our Cancellation Policy below. The weekly subscription plans are renewed on 7-day intervals, and the monthly subscription plans are renewed automatically on 30-day intervals.

Cancellation Policy
All memberships and subscriptions provided by Ben Strauss Photography will automatically renew. To cancel your membership to The Vault, you must first log into your account. Once logged in, navigate to your personal "My Subscription" page. In the "My Subscriptions" page, you can view a plan's status (e.g. active, expired), cancel a plan, check when a plan is set to expire, and more. Cancellation of membership will terminate future use of the service and automatic renewals will end. There are no refunds.

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